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Our scope of work includes food & beverage concept creation, space planning, design development, preparation of drawings, details and specifications for soliciting bids, and inspection of the finished installation.
It is our opinion, based on your project objectives, that a phased schedule is the most prudent approach to accomplishing your goals. The following phases are listed in the approximate chronological order they would be accomplished:


Outline and Schematic Design Stages

That includes the food and beverage concepts and menus and type of cuisine, space allocation discussions and area utilization layout. Design of all the back of the house facilities and how are all the outlets linked together is considered a very important phase on which the overall design will be based. This phase also includes schematic layouts for all areas identified in the catering brief and develop preliminary equipment layout for review and approval.

1. Provide summary for all operational ideas and information gathered from the developer, operator and client representative.
2. Provide Architectural layouts 1:100 presenting the back of the house with associated space allocation schedule.
3. Provide schematic layouts 1:100 for foodservice areas according to the catering brief.



Design and Production Information Stages

That includes equipment and facility layout and full itemized equipment schedule with all dimensions, electric data, gas data and sanitation required.

1. Provide an operational/traffic flow diagram, incorporating HACCP, health and safety regulations.
2. Provide itemized equipment layouts 1:50 for all foodservice areas for sign off and approval.
3. Provide itemized equipment schedule for all areas including electric data, gas data and sanitation data.
4. Provide the owner with a final presentation for all the areas for final review and approval.



Contract Documentation phase

That includes finalizing contract drawings and equipment specifications and bills of quantities. In the specifications, we indicate clearly the detailed description and quantities of all the units for reference. The preamble clearly defines all materials, gauges, accessories and standards that must be adhered to, in addition to listed responsibilities of the kitchen equipment contractor as to performance, co-ordination and bid procedure.

1. Provide 8-Hard Copies of the Final Detailed Equipment layout 1:50.
2. Provide 8-Hard Copies of the detailed equipment specifications and bill of quantities.
3. Provide digital format documents for all the above mentioned documents.




that includes reviewing all offers submitted by specialized foodservice contractors and creating a full technical and financial spreadsheet with all comments and recommendations for complete evaluation. Not all bids are created equal, nor do they all conform fully to the written specifications. Malek Designers & Consultants knowledge of all European and American equipment and also the various custom stainless steel manufacturers’ methods will definitely save costly mistakes. We are professionals in assisting the owner to choose the best package for his defined project and providing the owner with the best equipment for the value of money.

1. Prepare a detailed analysis spreadsheet of tender returns with comments and recommendation.
2. Prepare a competitive budgeting package for the owner projected from the tenderers offers and according to the requested specifications.



Planning Coordination, Supervision, and Operation Stages

That includes approval of submittals and fabrication shop drawings for compliance with contract documents.

1. Remarks on all foodservice shop drawings received from the contractor.
2. Review and approve contractors’ submittals for completeness and compliance with construction documents.
3. Prepare change notices if required.
4. Prepare punch list noting differences from plans, details and specifications.
5. Prepare final inspection report for the completed catering facilities prior to handover to the client and upon end of defects liability period.




The HACCP System was launched in the Middle East within the early 1990’s, however due to a lack of formal governmental oversight into food safety, the value and effectiveness of this program was not substantial. Nowadays, the local authorities, in conjunction with strict governmental oversight, have made this a required control process in any food service establishment.

Owners and operators are legally required to actively monitor and control this system within their respective properties, however the local labor force do not always understand how to implement, nor maintain this program to satisfy these requirements. A deficient HACCP System may present a major obstacle in the contracting and negotiation process with international tour and travel companies. The complete absence of a HACCP System can have severe financial impact including fines, penalties, and in worst case scenarios can include forced property closure.

Malek Designers & Consultants is pleased to offer a solution for our clients that includes the following:
1. Qualified American consultant to advise in all structural and equipment drawings prior to commencement of final construction phase
2. HACCP System design and implementation according to individual property specifications
3. Two Day on-site training and task clarification for key members of the management team
4. Company specific forms and filing material for administrative HACCP documentation required during inspections
5. Customized Organization Chart which clarifies individual responsibilities throughout your institution


We would like to assure you that the primary (and most important) criterion in our scope is pledged to represent the client’s best interest. Moreover, the development of all our designs and the equipment specifications’ documents will be based upon the exact needs of the project and/or the management company and also choosing the best piece of equipment within the appropriate price range. This assures providing our client with the best quality equipment that meets or exceeds his expectations within his defined budget.

As a Professional member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), be sure that we are extremely knowledgeable regarding HACCP and NSF regulations and health department. We use the latest technology to make the best selection from the vast array of available equipment and create the highest performance foodservice facility serving your requirements.

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